Missing Physical Books? CDs?

Here is an interesting opinion piece about missing physical books, from someone who has read over 800 books on an iPad. 
(thanks to Sue Johnston for pointing me to this)

I know what this is like. The physical reminder of the book has value, for sure. Actually, I feel it even more acutely with CDs. Mine are in the basement now, and I listen solely to MP3s on our iMac. But though discovery is in one way easier (I can put my whole collection on random, which blows my mind) rediscovering albums is more difficult, because I can't casually browse the stacks of CDs while I eat, like I used to. The reason I say it's even more acute is because I don't often re-read books, but of course music you return to many times over. Bookmark and Share


Anonymous said…
I don't have the experience she describes with physical books hardly at all - I might enjoy having the cover around, but I don't associate it that hard with the story. And having my file with highlighted passages for a particular book, and having the book searchable, makes them feel closer to me - it's easy to dip myself back into the best parts. Not to mention I can carry them all around with me always (unlike my 29 boxes of books in the basement in
Kingston) - Daniel

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