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A Very Dune Christmas

Track List for the album A Very Dune Christmas: 1. Rabban Around the Christmas Tree 2. I Get Geidi and Primed for Christmas 3. I Saw Mommy Giving Birth to a Son in Defiance of the Reverend Mother's Wishes Underneath the Mistletoe Last Night 4. Cozy and Worm by the Fire (irregular beat sandworm remix) 5. Sleigh Ride (feat. Debbie Gibson) 6. The Tooth, the Tooth 7. My Name is a Merry Word 8. Desert Wonderland 9. Have Yourself a Maud'ib little Christmas 10. Vladimir the Red-Nosed Harkonnen 11. I'll be on Arrakis for Christmas 12. Feyd Navidad 13. Dusty the Freman (was a very Thirsty Soul) 14. It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Kyle McLachlan 15. Here Comes Kwisatz Haderach (Right Down Kwisatz Haderach Lane) 16. The Little Duncan Boy  17. Let it Spice! Let it Spice! Let it Spice!  18. Up on the Wormtop 19. I Will Kill Him (feat. Sting)

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