Browsers Should Help You Change Your Webpages

I think changing web pages is an extraordinary pain in the ass.

You have to be on the machine that hosts the local version of the web page (for me that means being at work), opening some editing software, be it Word or Dreamweaver, finding the correct file, changing it,  saving it, and then uploading the new version. That's a lot of work to change a typo.

What I would love is to have a browser that took in all of my webpage connection information (including blogs and regular webpages). Then, when I am browsing a web page that I created, I can just click edit and change it (I don't care if it's WYSIWYG or HTML). When you are done, it uses the information you put in long ago to FTP the new page to its server.

While we're at it, why not be able to alter any web page? You should be able to make notes on webpages the same way you make notes in your books: highlighting, adding bits of text. These alterations can be stored locally or in the cloud, and when you return to that page, you opt to see your notes. And maybe the notes of your friends.

Just wishing. If anybody knows hackers working on browsers, please forward this.

Pictured: A wide panoramic view of the Waterlily House in Kew Gardens, London, England. From Wikimedia Commons.

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Anonymous said…
You mean, like a CoWeb?
Jim Davies said…
Mike Terry, is that you?
Yes, so that it interacts with the browser a little like a coweb, but you can do it with any server setup.
Garima said…
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