A Film I Wrote Will Be Presented Friday, June 15, 2012

Digi60 is an Ottawa film festival.

Here's the way it works. At some event, they present a constraint that all filmmakers must adhere to. They call this a "catch." One time it was that the plot had to involve a passionate kiss. Then the film must be done by a certain deadline.

For this latest festival, Digi60 teamed up with my screenwriter's club, The Writer's Room (we meet every month to comment on each other's screenplays). Four screenwriters were paired with four directors. We got our catch, and we have to make one-minute films.

I was lucky enough to be paired with the fabulous Sarah Argue, who is a puppeteer. She gave me her ideas, and I wrote the screenplay. Our catch was that the film had to happen at Nepean Point. All the catches required filming at some particular Ottawa location. Our film is funny, has puppets, and is called Mop On the Run.

The screening of all of the one-minute films (I think there will be over twenty) will be this coming Friday.

What: Digi60 Spring Screening
Time: 7:30pm, June 15, 2012
Place: St. Bridgid's Centre for the Arts (http://saintbrigidscentre.com/), 310 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa, ON
Tickets Available at http://www.digi60.org/

It might sell out, so if you want to come, the vibe will be great. And if a film isn't any good, hey, in 60 seconds it will be over. On to the next!

Sarah Argue: http://www.rockthearts.ca/
Digi60: http://www.digi60.org/
Nepean Point: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nepean_Point
Writer's Room:
      Blog: http://thewritersroomottawa.wordpress.com/
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/thewritersroomottawa/

Pictured: The statue of Champlain which stands in Nepean Point. It is a crucial part of our film.

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