Jim Davies Wins an Excellence in Teaching With Technology Award, 2012

The Educational Development Centre at Carleton University has awarded me an Excellence in Teaching With Technology Award.

My application was based on my "Don't Waste Student Work" teaching philosophy, which I've been using in the classroom since I started here in 2006.

You can learn more about this teaching philosophy at this webpage, which contains a link to a video of a 45 minute talk I gave on the subject, directed to my academic colleagues. Afterward are 15 minutes of questions.

Or you can watch my TEDxOttawa talk, which is considerably shorter (17 minutes) and designed for a general audience. One of the organizers of TEDxOttawa said to me after my practice talk, "Unfortunately, this is a revolutionary idea."

The requirements for the award can be found here:
http://www1.carleton.ca/edc/teaching-awards-and-grants/awards/cu-awards/#Excellence in Teach With Tech

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Fred said…
Congrats, Jim!

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