I'll be Giving a Talk on Imagination and Virtual Reality

Speaker: Dr. Jim Davies, Carleton Institute of Cognitive Science
When: Thursday September 15, 11:45am-1:00pm
Where: Dunton Tower 2203, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Title: Imagination: The Third Reality to the Virtuality Continuum

Abstract: Both the art and science of the imagination have integral roles in defining compelling Mixed Reality (MR) experiences. In this paper we argue that the audience member's own imagination is an essential third kind of input in defining the full virtuality continuum for MR. It is traditionally accepted that there are two experiential inputs in MR incorporating a combination of stimuli of the real world as well as from artifacts (typically from computers). Using a case study of a MemoryScape Prototype for the Maitland Holocaust Museum, we show how, in addition to reality and augmented/virtual reality, imagination scientifically serves as an important third reality to the virtuality continuum to achieve the experience designer's intent for the audience’s perception of MR experiences.

The paper this talk is based on was co-authored with Chris Stapleton at the University of Central Florida.

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simwave.ca said…
Virtual reality important is not that it is an emerging technology it is because it will influence the world in three distinct ways, making it more important than many other technologies.

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