You should write every day

Professors who engage in binge writing (where they
only write when they have major blocks of time) produce, on average,
.32 pages per week. If they write 15-60 minutes per day, instead,
they produce 1.2 pages per week. If someone check up on them and
makes sure they do it, they produce a staggering 3.025 pages per
week! Boice (1989) shows experimental evidence that writing a bit every day
increases your scholarly writing output.

1. You need half an hour just to get into it.
        Not true if you write every day. Your mind stays in it. 
2. Your writing is bad if you only do it for a short time.
3. You need to be inspired to write or write well.


Boice, R. (1989). Procrastination, busyness and bingeing. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 27(6), 605-611.

 (this is a great paper-- let me know if you want me to email you the pdf.)

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