Why I Am Starting To Like Google Docs More Than Word

I am using docs.google.com now for almost everything. I write papers in it, only turning it into Word for the final formatting and submission. Here are some of the reasons I like it so much:

4) Search: You can't just search the content of all your Word documents without taking a few minutes to search your entire hard drive. Searching googledocs is easy.
3) Sharing: I can share documents with others. This is great for collaborative research projects, or even travel planning with my wife. When collaborating with another person, we can edit the same document at the same time. Just hitting refresh (f5) updates the document.
2) No Worry About Version Control: Since I'm editing the document online, I don't have to worry about whether I'm working on the latest version no matter where I am.
1) Online access. I can work on my documents from anywhere with a net connection.

As I use it, I think of more uses.
- Recipes. It's nice to just search the net for for my recipes. Also makes it easy to share them with others.
- How-To: When I need to renew my work permit, or find out how my wife can get medical benefits through my work, etc. I keep all the information in a google doc.
- Travel planning: flight options, places to go, etc.


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