DaviesGoel2008: New Paper

I have published a new paper in The Open Artificial Intelligence Journal

Davies, J. & Goel, A. K. (2008). Visuospatial re-representation in analogical reasoning. The Open Artificial Intelligence Journal. 2, 11--20.

You can read it at:

This paper is based on my dissertation research. I really like this paper because it goes into a lot of detail about the theory behind the AI program I made-- talking about the entire process of visual-rerepresentation and how it can be used in difficult problem solving.

It's an open access journal, which is not printed. To cover the costs, the author must pay (my grant covered it). This will be a growing trend, I hope, but the idea has its doubters.

Turns out the formatting was done really well, and they are using this paper (http://www.bentham.org/open/toaij/J.Davies-TOAIJ.pdf) as an example on the website (http://www.bentham.org/open/toaij/MSandI.htm) of how to format papers. I should give thanks to my research assistant Heather Burch, who formatted the paper for me. 


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