Movie Food: Tacos

I am a big fan of Taco Bell. Close friends of mine know the sound I make when I want it-- an imitation of the old "BONG" sound from the TV ads of long ago. Unfortunately, Taco Bells are scarce in Ottawa.

The closest one is about a 20 minute drive. There is one, however, in a movie theater. It's stripped down, yes, but at least I can get a double-decker taco supreme.* So I go to the movies and get dinner at Taco Bell.

So I'm starting to think of tacos as movie food. In a few years I'll be like "Popcorn?! At a movie?"

Tacos are not that weird. In Hong Kong they sell dried squid at movie theaters (Bordwell & Thompson, 2008, p40).

Speaking of popcorn, I have been told I make the best popcorn ever. Here is my recipe:

Get a big pot and put about a centimeter of olive oil in it.

Heat on medium-high until a drop of water sizzles in it.

Cover the bottom of the pot with unpopped popcorn.

Put a lid on it, but release it occasionally to let the steam out.

As it heats, hold the lid down and shake it vigourously on the stove, back and forth, about every twenty seconds.

When the popping slows, take the pot off the heat.

Put the popcorn in a bowl.

Pour melted butter over it.

Put salt on it, and almost as much cayenne pepper.

* The double-decker taco supreme is a beef taco with sour cream, cheese, and lettuce in a hard corn shell which is wrapped in a flour tortilla, with some refried beans between the corn and flour tortillas. I put mild sauce on it.


Bordwell, D. & Thompson, K. (2008). Film Art. Eighth Edition. McGraw-Hill: Boston.


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