Jim's Law of Movies

Jim's Law of Movies is this:

Any movie with a monkey in it benefits from having that monkey.

Some excellent examples:

  • Raiders of the Lost Arc. Remember the monkey that ate
    Indy's date and died, and that's how they knew they were poisoned?
    Wouldn't it be a worse movie without this scene? Yes.

  • The Fountain. The medical researcher is doing research on
    a monkey to try to cure something. A definite positive addition to
    the film.

  • Pirates of the Carribean. The monkey's name was Jack
    too. Very funny.

  • Strange Brew. This movie had no monkey, and therefore did
    not benefit from having a monkey, following Jim's Law of
    Movies. The law does not state that any movie would benefit
    from having a monkey, only movies that have a monkey. If you
    thought the law meant the former, you made a logical error when you
    read the law.


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