How's that new year's resolution going?

Here's me in a wig at the store. I look like a Kurt Cobain wannabe.
New readers should know that my man Lou Fasulo and I do some new year's resolution every year, for one year. We usually give up something. This year it's no sliced bread...

It's going very well. Today was my first screw up.

Months ago my girlfriend was eating a sandwich and I asked for a bite. She gave it to me, but when the bite was in my mouth she asked how I could eat it, given that it's sliced bread. I spit it out before swallowing. Close one.

I've been missing Subway, which I have not eaten since '06 because they slice their bread. Someone mentioned that I could indeed eat there if I had them rip the bread open with their hands. Last night I tried this. The guy didn't speak English very well, so I was like "no knife! no knife!" when he went for the knife. Eventually he got the idea and ripped the bread open for me. I'd wanted a six inch, but he reminded me that if he was going to sell me a six inch he was going to need the knife. Good point. I got the footlong. Yum.

Today I wanted another, so I went to the Subway on campus here. He ripped it, not problem, but as I was eating it I noticed they'd sliced it in half, and I'd already bitten the part that had been sliced! That was lunch. My first mess up. Right now I'm eating the other half for dinner, eating from the non-sliced side, and I have to remember to not eat the very end of it, where the knife had touched it.


Dustin said…
Oh jesus that picture is horrifying.

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