Anybody Want To Move To Ottawa?

My goal has always been to move somewhere, and settle down, then talk all the people I care about most into coming to live there with me. I grew up in America, so most of my friends are American. Now I live in Canada, and, admittedly, asking people to change countries is kind of a tall order. So I was quite happy to see that Ottawa ranks very well in "quality of life" worldwide.

Ottawa ranks 18th (tied with Luxembourg)! See the survey results and the top 50 cities at

Personally, I've lived in several cities (Lake George, Oswego, Beijing, Shanghai, Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Atlanta, Kingston, and Ottawa, in that order) and I like Ottawa the best. The reasons? It has what I want out of a city (arts, night clubs, universities, etc.) and they tend to be close by-- I live in "centretown" and I can walk to almost everything cool. Also, it's very, very beautiful. The picture you see was taken recently on a bridge over the canal. On the downside, yes, it's colder than bathing in a tub of Slush Puppie every winter.

Canada did very well in general in the survey. Almost every major city in Canada is featured in the top 50.

Never underestimate the power of poutine.


LOLITAsalsera said…
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LOLITAsalsera said…
Not sure about moving there....BUT I just Googled Ottawa's Salsa scene and I may just have to visit! XXOO ~Bracey
Anonymous said…
If only it weren't so chilly!

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