Games Factory 2

There's a piece of software out there called "Games Factory 2." It's a drag and drop easy platform for creating your own video games.

Wired Magazine says: "Stick it to the big game developers with this nifty piece of software. Games Factory 2 lets you design and build your own videogame — no mad coding skillz necessary. Drag ready-made icons or drop a customized avatar on a playing field to concoct your electronic escapade. Included debug software ensures a glitch-free gaming experience. For just $59, you'll never have to squander your hard-earned quarters at the arcade again."

Yeah, if you can make your own video games, why play others'? As my man Lou says, sure, and you can buy a word processor and never have to buy another novel. Just write your own!

And while you're at it, buy a videocamera and never have to watch another movie! Take that, Hollywood!

"Stick it to the big game developers..." so ridiculous.

Though Wired is overselling, it, it still looks like a cool piece of software for rapid game prototyping.


Lou said…
Robert Jordan, we're through!

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