Sometimes I get asked why I don't have a tattoo. I have nothing against tattoos. Some people talk about how they are going to look when their owner is old, but I think it will look great. Maybe the young people of the time will realize that the old people were young once too.
The fact is I have never had a design in mind that I liked long enough to get it stuck on my body. For a while I had the idea of a brain from the top, but upon careful reflection realized it would look like an ugly birthmark from a distance.

My calligraphy is also an option.. (see for a gallery of my calligraphy work) The problem with this is two-fold. First, my style has changed over the years, though it has started to settle down. The second is that I don't know what word I'd want. One of my favorite words, "Rumpus," looks relatively bad in my calligraphy, because I have trouble with the letter "u."

I also had an idea of getting a tattoo of something REALLY trendy like Alf or "Where's the beef?" You know, something so monumentally stupid that nobody would think it wasn't a joke.
My pal Alison had a funny idea. Once when I was visiting her in NYC she suggested we go get tattoos-- just single pinpricks so we could say that we had them.


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