Introducing My Pug Mrs. Wiggles

I've been crazy about pugs for several years now (the pug is a breed
of dog). Yesterday afternoon, I finally got one. Her name is
Mrs. Wiggles. This whole post will be about this dog, so if you read
this blog for its more intellectual entries, you can safely skip this
one without fear of missing any profound wisdom. This post is
straight-up pug, people.


When I was first moving to Ottawa I was in touch with a woman who had
three pugs, and thought it was too many. She wanted to find a home for
one of them, Peachy. I met Peachy when I looked at houses and all was
go until she changed her mind.

Finding someone who is willing to part with an adult pug is not
easy. They are so friendly, loving, companionable, and funny. I didn't
want a puppy because I wouldn't be home enough to take care of it

Months later this same woman is started a pug rescue (a rescue
organization takes dogs of a specific breed from people who can't or
won't take care of them and places them with adoptive owners). Feeling
guilty about getting my hopes about Peachy, I was the first on her
list for her adoptive pugs.

Yesterday she picked up three pugs from some woman I don't know in
Quebec. She has about 150 dogs in her house and they are not well
cared-for. I don't think the term "puppy mill" applies, but "crazy
lady with 150 dogs" might work just fine.

I got my choice of three dogs, all female: Cleo, Chanel, and
Tibou. All three were filthy and stunk to high heaven. Tibou was the
friendliest, but I picked Cleo because I thought was cuter. So her
name technically is Mrs. Cleo Wiggles, but I call her Mrs. Wiggles for

She's fawn about five years old and has a long tongue that never quite
gets all the way in her mouth. Her breathing is snurffly and she
snores, which I really like. There are a few bad points, however. By
far the worst part is her breath. The breath is so horrendous I can't
have her near my face. I want to throw up when I get a good whiff of
it. Her teeth are in terrible condition and she needs dental work,
whic I hope she'll be getting Wednesday with her appointment with the
vet. The rescue woman said she got one of her pugs from this crazy woman
and the poor thing needed about ten teeth pulled and a major
cleaning. After this, she assures me, the breath will be fine in about
two months. I hate to say it, but the breath is so bad it's keeping me
from falling completely in love with her. However, she's very good and
cute so once the breath improves I'm sure I'll be hooked.

I took her home in my car. During the ride home she never took her
bulgy eyes off of me, and over the course of the ten minute drive she
crawled over so her head was in my lap.

Because she used a yard for peeing, she has never had a walk. I gave
her her first walk yesterday, and the leash really kind of freaked her
out. It's sad but also funny to see her on a leash. She'll move, and
when the leash touches her body she reacts like she's run into
something, or that something has run into her. Of course moving
doesn't help all that much. When I pull her she digs in her paws and
the skin bunches up around her neck as she resists the force.

She also grew up in a single story house, so she doesn't understand or
know how to use stairs. For now this is fine with me. I can put her on
my second floor when I go out (where there is no carpet) and she can't
leave it!

When she got to my house she was exhausted, but wanted to keep an eye
on me. She she sat there, looking at me, and nodding off, falling
over, and then waking up to repeat the process. Eventually she relaxed
enough to fall asleep.

I bought her a little dog bed but it's too small for her. She stepped
on it and it slid away slightly. That startled her, so now she's
scared of the dog bed. She sleeps quite comfortably on a folded up
towel, as seen in the picture.

the picture again:


Anonymous said…
Mrs. Wiggles is adorable! Lindsay.
Mariana said…
Hey Jim,
she is very charming, irresistibly cute! Bring her to your office and I'll come to give her a big hug.
Anonymous said…
Who wouldn't want a snurffly pupply?! how fun! Happy for you Jim!
Vanessa said…
To see that picture, and knowing what Mrs. Wiggles is like now, almost two years later, you'd never think it was the same dog! She brings so much joy, and yes, her breath is definitely better, poor baby pug!

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