Things Jim can do: Bake Bread

The second thing I had to do in the list of challenges was to Bake Bread From Scratch. To successfully prove to them that I can bake bread from scratch, I had to make edible bread using nothing but my hands and the oven. No bread makers, no mixers, no help.

I was a little worried about this. I'd never made bread, even in a bread machine. My mother had one spectacular failure of an attempt, so I had no reason to think I was genetically predisposed to bread-baking. I figured there was no way it was going to turn out. Surprise.
Here's me mixing. By hand. I was at my friend Lindsay's. She lent me an apron that said "hot dish" on it.
Now I'm kneading.

Wow, it came out looking halfway decent. Snap!

The tasters were satisfied. The bread was a little dense, but delicious. The butter helped.

For more pictures, see

I'm running out of time here in Kingston, so rather than give me the challenges one at a time, as originally planned, they decided to make the list public:

1. (Figure) Skate

2. Speak with a Jamaican Accent

3. Bake Bread from Scratch

4. Martial Arts

5. Ski

6. Play the trumpet

7. Cut a woman's hair

8. Win a game of pool/darts

9. Sew a garment using a pattern

10. Win at blackjack

11. Swim

12. Have sex with a pregnant woman

13. Speak french

14. Double dutch

15. Grow an herb garden

16. Take his underwear off without removing his pants


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