This Fall I'll be on the Faculty of Cognitive Science At Carleton in Ottawa

I'm pretty excited. I just accepted an offer from Carleton University in the Cognitive Science department, after some rather harrowing negotiations. I need to be there by August first. Ottawa is a neat city and I'm excited to move there. And I'm most excited about being in a department of Cognitive Science, which is much more in line with my interests than a typical computer science department.

It's kind of neat that my attitude toward Canada has switched from a place I'm visiting to my home. I'll apply for Canadian citizenship soon (I can be a dual-citizen with America). Ottawa is a pretty city about an hour and a half north of where I am now. Yes, it's colder, but it's very lovely. I've posted an attractive image of the city.

Carleton is between the canal and the a river. The canal freezes quickly and people ice skate on it all winter. I need to buy some ice skates. My office is on the 22nd floor of Dunton Tower and overlooks some rapids in the river. It's quite lovely.

The picture from the air shows the university. The big tower is Dunton-- I'm on the top floor, facing the river on the bottom of the image.

Turns out there's a pug meetup group and east-coast swing dancing in Ottawa too.


Anonymous said…
oh good lord, ottawa won't know what to do with itself.
Anonymous said…
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Johannah said…
Jimmy, We're so proud of you. I knew you would find this success and I'm so glad it's in a cool city that we can visit lots and lots. Love, the Spero's. XXOO
Anonymous said…
You go JimmyD! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you -- cool city AND a backup (I mean dual) citizenship. Excellent! Enjoy!! Love, Christy

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