Cat War

Last night my friend Katherine told me about a card game she invented: Cat War.

It's played like the children's card game "war" except that instead of the higher card winning, the cuter cat wins. If there is disagreement on which cat is cuter, or both parties think the cats are equally cute, it constitutes a "war," the stakes are raised, and the next cards are drawn. She says that playing with cat-lovers with integrity makes it a great game. I can't wait to play it! It sounds so much better than just plain, unsalted war.

Note that it's the cuter cat that wins, not necessarily the more beautiful cat.

Of course, I'm also interested in creating a dog or pug war variation. I wonder if I can get a deck of playing cards with different pictures of pugs on each one?

If you want to see cute pictures of cats and other animals, see


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