Cat / Transformer War

Today I got to play Cat War. Fun! We found that it's better to place two cats down, and only bet with the second cats. This makes the game go faster and removes the problem that the one who starts with the cutest cat in the deck will always win. You can buy a copy of the deck we used at

There was one cat that looked ugly, kind of like a pug. But like pugs, the look of the cat grew on me, and by the end that cat was making some big wins. Katherine and I both had such integrity in the game that often I would think her cat was cuter, and her mine, so we'd have to have a war. Clearly we were both more interested in expressing our opinion on the cuter cat than winning.

I have a deck of cards with transformers on them. I was thinking that you could play a transformers war where the more bad-ass transformer wins a fight. Daniel suggested a cat/transformers war. You shuffle the transformers in with the cats. If the battle is between two cats, the cuter cat wins. If you get two transformers, the more bad-ass transformer wins. If you get a cat vs. a transformer, you have to decide if the transformer is more bad-ass than the cat is cute.

Katherine is interested in playing this.


Anonymous said…
You could do bad-ass cats too.

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