My Crew

I'm about to take an faculty position at a university. I will have some graduate students, which will constitute my "laboratory," or just "lab."

I've been trying to think of a name for my lab, and having trouble. At my most whimsical, I think of calling my lab a "crew." I wonder how much trouble that would get me into.

Any suggestions for my lab name? (If you add a comment, if you don't put your name I won't know who you are.)


Anonymous said…
Well, how about Rover or Buddy or Jake. All would make fine lab names.

Are you leaving Kingston?
Jim Davies said…
Yes, in September. Who are you?
Anonymous said…
If you like crew, it's excusable under the guise of team-spirit: "crew" is a sport, short for boat crew. The coxen is the little dude/gal sitting at the front, barking orders :)

I agree that this type of branding is useful (weekly crew-talks, crew-meetings, crew-mailing lists), and deserves a little thought.

I'm lacking inspiration right now, so all I can think of is "coggers."
(Like old codgers)


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