Web searches for Jim Davies

Every once in a while I do a web search for "Jim Davies" to see where jimdavies.org shows up.

On google, I show up #2, which isn't bad. This computer science lecturer in the UK named Jim Davies shows up first. It's one of my minor goals to eventually beat him on this score.

On Yahoo, I show up #3, but since my Pac-Man art page is #2, that's not so bad. The other Jim Davies shows up first, again.

I also show up as #2 on Amazon's A9 search engine.

But Microsoft's MSN search puts my website first! Nice work, Microsoft. Interestingly, when the open directory project first came out, someone classified me. This was the description: "Creative graduate student whose pages are full of information ranging from (Laurie) Anderson to Z programming." It's still there, and shows up on google directory search http://www.google.com/dirhp
which apparently MSN uses too. What's interesting about this description is the Z programming bit. I never really understood that. But searching more carefully recently on the web I found that there is Z programming and it's by another Jim Davies. I'm getting unfair credit for it!


Court said…
Wow. I'm impressed, you beat Jim Davies the author of Garfield, AND Jim Davies from the Prodigy. That's nuts.

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