I figured out a great way not to steal resources!

I think stealing is wrong, on principle. I think most people believe me, but most don't carry this principle to the extremes that I do. For example, I believe that the use of a bathroom is the use of a resource, and I try very hard not to use bathrooms without buying something.

Once I really had to go, so I went into Second Cup Coffee and used the bathroom. To avoid the moral infraction of stealing a resource, I bought some mints-- I don' t like coffee that much. I don' t even like mints much. They were several dollars! Canadian dollars, but still. The problem is when I need to use the bathroom is not always the same time I want to consume something.

Anyway, today I had a great idea. Gift certificates! I used the McDonald's restroom, and afterward bought $5 worth of gift certificates, which I can use anytime! I can probably do the same thing at coffee shops. Sometimes I go to coffee shops. I'll just save the gift certificates for those times.

I'm very excited about this new idea, because now I won't feel guilty about stealing a resource and also I won't feel bad about wasting money on something I don't want.


Gordon Moffitt said…
Great idea.

Jim have you ever read or listened to Dennis Prager. He is a Hebrew conservative talk show host.

He doesn't believe it is moral to take up the time of a clerk in a retail establishment with the idea of only getting information. There should be a possibility of buying something. Maybe he should read your blog.

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