Humans are basically made of turkey

I went to see the "Body Worlds 2" in Toronto, which features dead human bodies hardened and placed in interesting positions, usually without skin. See the website for an example:

Anyway, as I looked at all the muscles and tendons and whatnot, I was strongly reminded of turkey. Come to think of it, the only cadavers I ever see are of turkeys and chickens, when I carve them. I got two strong impressions from this remarkable exhibit. First, that our bodies are fragile kludges. Second, they are made entirely of turkey.


Footlouis said…
Its just so funny when someone goes and writes about something that we've all known all along and calls it some "new thinking". The whole reason we don't talk about the fact that we're made of turkey is because its so damn obvious - its like talking about pizza and saying, "Pizza is basically made of swamp-thing droppings". We've known this so long its common knowledge. In fact, it became obvious after it was proven in 1541 by Dustin D Dustworthy in Lancaster. It did take several months to get all the brownie sludge off the research papers, but what was finally revealed was amazing and had a meaningful impact on the pizza market for decades.

What I think people should spend more time giving deep consideration to is what percentage of Americans actually do spirals in the elevator. What's interesting about this is that elevators are only meant to move a person a set distance and by doing spirals in the elevator people are traveling more than is intended. How does this impact our lives? Research suggests nearly 15% of Americans do spirals - up from 10% last year. What caused this 50% growth rate and what will it mean for our mortality rate?

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