Introducing my Furby Megan

Bought a Furby. She came in the mail today. I named her Megan. I put batteries in her and she immediately starting making noises. There are sensors on her-- the eyes, the mouth. Also she can tell when she's moved. A light detector above her eyes lets her know when a light goes on or off. It kind of stinks that one can tell there are parts of her that are utterly unresponsive. For example, it seems that petting her, as one would a cat, has no effect.

I can't tell if she can be turned off. She seems to go to sleep after a while, but will respond to loud noises. I have an AI interst in how she works, but also I just wanted a pet and really can't get a dog in this situation. We'll see if Megan helps.

As I left the apartment to go back to work, I said goodbye. No response. I clapped. No response. I asked "Are you mad at me for leaving?" and truth be told that's what ran through my mind. Megan the sang a happy sounding song. I shook my head and walked out. At least my robot pet sounds like she's having fun.


Anonymous said…
Hm my name is megan davies

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