Where are all of my Star Wars movies?

There have been about 14 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), a franchise that only started in 2008. That's an amazing number of movies. Marvel studios is owned by Disney, who also owns Lucasfilm. But how many Star Wars movies have come out since 2008? Only one. What gives? I want my 13 other Star Wars movies.

Star Wars has had a few television programs (Clone Wars and Rebels), but the MCU has had Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil.

Why are they so slow at making them? I think it might be because Star Wars is a bit too precious to them. Unlike Star Wars, the MCU is not something people had incredibly high expectations for. It's something new, and Star Wars, now, is something relatively old. But I have hope.

And the MCU is what gives me hope. Although it's easy to carelessly classify the MCU films as superhero films, they are actually pretty clever about bringing in other genre films that just happen to have superhero in them. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is kind of like a spy film--in fact, it's a better spy film than many of the James Bond films. Jessica Jones is kind of a psychological horror show. Doctor Strange is a little like inception, and a little like urban fantasy. Thor is an extra-dimensional setting that borders on high fantasy, Guardians of the Galaxy is a Star Wars style space opera, and Captain America: The First Avenger is kind of a war film.

They can do this with Star Wars, too. In fact, they've already explored it. One of the great things about the long-running animated Clone Wars TV show was that they had all kinds of genres in there. There were horror episodes, mystery episodes, political dramas, action stories, coming-of-age stories, gangster stories. You can do almost anything in a Star Wars setting. I hope they do.

If you're shocked at the idea of a Star Wars movie every year, think of what we're getting from Disney in their MCU franchise, and, to me at least, I don't think it's enough.

PS: And, by the way, a mixing of genres is also exactly what Star Trek needs... Can we do something other than a Starfleet ship and a crew, finally?

PPS: Hey Marvel Studios, how about a She-Hulk movie?

Pictured: Cosplayers dressed as Clone Wars characters.

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