What To Do After You Publish a Scholarly Paper

  1. Save the PDF of the final version (from the journal's website) in a folder you keep of everything you've published. Mine's called my-papers. Ideally this folder is in the cloud, backed up somewhere. 
  2. Look at the copyright form you signed. See what you can put online. Sometimes it's nothing, sometimes it's the final version, sometimes it's a penultimate version. If you can't put anything up, skip this step. Use Acrobat Pro (or something else) to put full citation information on the paper itself (if you can't readily tell from what the PDF already has) and save it (my-papers again).
  3. Print the paper and put it in a binder called My Papers. You know, in case there's an electronics apocalypse.  
  4. Make a new webpage just for this paper. Example.
  5. See if your new publication should be one of your home page's "selected publications," and if so, update.
  6. Update your CV.
  7. Update your webpage listing all of your publications.
  8. Blog, tweet, etc. about your new paper.
  9. Send copies to interested scholars. 

Pictured: Camels. From Wikimedia Commons. 

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Anonymous said…
Also, put all the materials you used in the final submission of the paper, including the raw figure files, the last-last-last manuscript, and ideally the data and analysis routines, someplace special. Ideally in a version control repository. But there needs to be easy access to what actually went into that paper, to answer questions about it. -Daniel

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