My Hanging Pinball Table

Ottawa had its own Pinball Conference, the Ottawa Pinball and Gameroom Show 2012

I wished I'd brought earplugs, but it was a great time. While I was there I saw this pinball table (not sure if that's the right name for it-- the piece of wood that the ball rolls on) for sale. I thought of hanging it up, but it was huge. Did I really want to take it home on the bus? Would my beloved like it?

I got to talking to the person selling it and he mentioned that some people put Christmas lights behind the colored plastic. My eyes lit up. After bargaining him down to $20 (cheap!) I brought it proudly home.

I ordered Christmas lights and strung them around the back so that the holes had lights behind them. Some of the empty holes (places for things to go through) I covered with some reddish-purple acetate I got from the art supply store. My dad helped me with all of this.

I brought it to my office at school and plugged it in. I love it. The lights are LED and draw so little energy that I just leave it on all the time. The little box that changes the lighting pattern fits perfectly into a big hole in the bottom of it. People can see it as they walk by.

You can see a video of it working here (at the end of the video you can see my badass treadmill desk-- that will be the subject of a future post):

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Nice - but don't you find that it distracts you while you're working?
Jim Davies said…
It does not distract me, no. But most of the time I'm working at the treadmill desk so I'm not facing the pinball table. I'm only at the traditional desk when I'm meeting with students, and then it does not distract me at all.

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