Jim's Law of Animation, Comics, and Puppetry Partially Vindicated

In 2007 I shared my views on animation.

In it I mentioned that the animated film Grave of the Fireflies should have been live action. Well guess what? Turns out it's been done twice so far. Japan made one in 2005 for TV, and then another in 2008. There's making a feature film soon, too.

I feel vindicated. That is all.

Pictured: Akitani Pond Grave of the Fireflies (from Wikimedia Commons)

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Muhammad Amir said…
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Fat Marc said…
Bonjour, j'aimerai que vous me dites ce qu'est cet etang. Est-ce celui du tombeau des lucioles le film ou alors celui de l'histoire vraie. Ou se situe cet etang, dans quelle ville? Merci de votre réponse!

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