The TARDIS and the Hare

Once a hare was told he could not beat the TARDIS in a race. The hare looked at the apparently immobile British police box and laughed. "That thing can't even move," he said.

Nevertheless, due to a cucumber sandwich prize promised to the winner,both parties agreed to race.

The day of the race, the hare started running (hopping fast, really), but stopped and noticed that the TARDIS had not left yet. He told his friend beaver to watch the machine and to call him when it left. Then the hare took his time toward the finish line a few miles away.

As he got closer to the end, he called the beaver back. "Has it left yet?"

"Nope," beaver said, chewing on a stick, "just sitting there."

The hare got a spring in his step and jauntily turned the final bend in the road toward the finish line. There was the TARDIS! It has already won! Someone was coming out of it to accept the cucumber sandwich.

The hare, out of breath, crossed the finish line with no fanfare when his cell phone rang. It was beaver.

"It's just leaving now," he said.

Pictured: the TARDIS, a time and space travelling machine from the television program Dr. Who.

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