I Am Now a Psychology Today Blogger

I am now an official blogger for Psychology Today magazine. I feel very honored.

The Blog is called The Science of Imagination and will focus on imagination, approached in a scientific way. No surprises there. I will also continue to update this blog with non-imagination topics.

You can see my new blog here:

Psychology Today is a great magazine that I have subscribed to for many years. It is written for non-psychologists, and touches on a great variety of issues relating to the mind. I also read Scientific American Mind for a slightly more in-depth and scientific approach to popular science journalism.

Psychology Today (PT) has an online component, and their bloggers are a part of that. I can also recommend two PT blogs written by friends of mine, Jeanette Bicknell and Liane Gabora.

You can follow my blog the hard way, which is to check it periodically for updates. I will update it at least once per month.

A better way, particularly if you follow more than one blog (such as this one and my imagination one), is to use a blog reader. I use google reader. What it does is it treats new blog entries as emails, marking them as read, etc. Go to reader.google.com and sign in with a google account. Click the orange "subscribe" button, and paste the URL for the blog you want to follow into the window. Whenever you go to the reader homepage, it will show you which of the blogs you've subscribed to have unread posts. This is how I keep up with blogs, and it's a great system. 

Pictured: A Robber Fly. From Wikimedia Commons.

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