Jim Davies Is a Selected Screenwriter for the Digi60 Spring Event

One of my hobbies is writing plays and screenplays. Back in Atlanta I was a part of a terrific group called "Working Title Playwrights ." We would meet every week, read some pages aloud, and give each other feedback.

In Ottawa I have yet to find a play writing group, but I happened upon a screenwriting group, "The Writer's Room." We get together every month and discuss our work, and the group also organizes a "Schmooze" at a bar a few times a year for film people to network.

Here is a short film (about a minute long) from a screenplay I wrote.
It's directed by Montica Pes, a long-time collaborator of mine who is in film school in Los Angeles.

Through The Writer's Room I was able to apply for this terrific opportunity with a group called Digi60. They hold events in which screenwriters are paired up with film directors, and must make a short film based on a "catch," or constraint. Last year the catch was that the film must have a passionate kiss that was important for the film.

I sent in my application, and I'm pleased to have been one of the four screenwriters selected! A short screenplay that I'll write very soon will be produced!

Here are the filmmakers, one of whom I will be randomly paired with:

Randy Kelly
Sarah Argue
Matt West
Tim McMillan

The other selected ("invitational") screenwriters are Katie ComptonKeith Davidson, and Sparrow McGowan.

The catch event is open to the public and is this coming Tuesday (May 15, 6pm, 80 Aberdeen St.). If you're interested in any part of filmmaking, and you're in the Ottawa area, please come.

Jim Davies Theater and Film information:
Catch Event Facebook Page:
The Writer's Room Facebook Page:
Working Title Playwrights:
Montica Pes's Pesfu Films:

Pictured: The audience at the Digi60 screening event last year in December. I'm in the front row, wearing a bright orange Harley-Davidson hoodie I bought while freezing and stranded in Philadelphia airport for three days. 

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