Reflections on Wikipedia and How Much We Use It

Wikipedia gets used so much that it's like the air- we use it constantly but rarely notice it. Yesterday Wikipedia went black for 24 hours, and it gave me an opportunity to appreciate it. I tried to access it about three or four times yesterday.

How much is one view of Wikipedia worth to you? Let's say it's very low, like one cent. Even at this price, you should be paying Wikipedia about $11 per year.

(1 cent * 3 daily page views * 365 days)

That's just paying for what you use. So it should not count as a charitable donation-- by that I mean that however much you typically give to charity, this should be in addition to that. This shoestring operation works completely by donation.

Today I'm going to give Wikipedia $22, and will continue to give at least that much every year.

Each page view is worth more than a cent to me. What's it worth to you?

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