New Year's Resolution 2012: No Orange Food

Every year my man Lou Fasulo and I do a new year's resolution together that lasts one year. Last year's resolution was to eat at least one blueberry every day. 

Overall, it went pretty well. I always strategize to make sure I don't violate whatever rule I've made. I knew that fresh blueberries are expensive, infrequently available, keep poorly, and require lots of diligent shopping. Thus I decided to eat dried blueberries. 

The other strategy I had was to take it with my pills. Dried blueberries are very small-- much smaller than a multi-vitamin. So I just swallowed whole a dried blueberry every day with whatever other pills I was taking that day. Worked great! 

I only missed five days. I use a pill box, and once the blueberry stuck to the lid and I didn't swallow it that day. Once I was in Switzerland and ran out. I could not find any blueberries of any sort at the airports. And somehow, in the last few days of the year, with having little schedule, I plain forgot to take any pills at all on several occasions. 

This year my beloved's brother Michael suggested that I eat no orange food for one year. I liked the idea, and Lou agreed to it. I can drink orange stuff, but I can't eat it. This includes foods such as:

  • oranges
  • cheese doodles
  • orange cheddar cheese (white would be okay)
  • carrots
  • tangerines
  • pumpkin
  • cantelope
  • doritos
  • cheezits
  • cheapo mac and cheese
  • orange peppers
  • banana peppers (some)
  • mango
  • orange sherbet
  • orange popsicles 

Some egg yolks are yellow and some are orange, sometimes depending on how they're cooked. I need to watch that. 

If you want to know why I do these resolutions, and what my past resolutions have been, to the best of my memory, see the Jim Davies FAQ:

Pictured: Eating a carrot a few minutes before midnight on December 31, 2011. In the background is my friend Heather, at whose house I was partying. 

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Christy McGuire said…
How are you going to get the nutrients that come with (naturally) orange foods?? Beta-carotene? You just might have to take some supplements, yo.

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