How Do You Know You're Unconscious?

a: I have a problem, doctor. I'm not conscious.

b: How do you know?

a: The same way you know you are conscious. It's self-evident.

b: Being conscious is self-evident. Being not conscious is not. My diagnosis is that you think you're unconscious even though you're not.

a: Being conscious is self-evident?

b: Yes.

a: It is not evident to me that I'm conscious. I've got to be unconscious. What other alternative is there?

Pictured: an incubus, 
coloured aquatint, 1870
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kaney said…
So much of what we do is with our conscious mind - we are aware that we are doing these things - yet the unconscious mind is busily at work in the background. For instance, we think consciously about what we are going to say when we write a speech but our unconscious mind is minding our physical store. It makes sure our heart beats, that we breathe - it keeps our bodily functions going without our having to think consciously about those things. Most of us don't think about and/or don't know much about our unconscious mind but it is very important to who we are and how we go about living our lives.

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