Who Invented the iPhone?

I know it's a little silly to criticize superhero comics for being unrealistic, but what Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) couldn't do in real life is come up with tech that is light years ahead of the rest of the science community. It's the genius myth played out in fiction.

Even when there appear to be breakthroughs, such as the iPhone, other companies quickly make copies. It's not like they're in the dark for 20 years trying in vain to figure out how Apple pulled it off. 

Who made the iPhone? All of science did.  It took hundreds of years of hard work.

Pictured: A man dressed as Mr. Fantastic. His left hand appears large because it is closer to the camera. Trick photography!

ps: I write this blog on blogger, which is owned by Google. Blogger's spell-checker thinks "iPhone" is misspelled. :)

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Dustin Freeman said…
The iPhone is typically cited as the rise of multi-touch. This article provides a great timeline of the gradual innovations that lead up to the multi-touch in everyday life:


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