Memoir: Come On, Let's Move It

Ryan Scoville is the friend I've had the longest. He and I and Lou were into a board game called "Shogun" back in the 1990s.

Ryan had just bought the album "Legal," by rapper Special Ed. We listened to it while we played.

I liked the track from it called "Come On, Let's Move It," and kept playing it, so much that it became a joke. He had a programmable CD player, so I programmed it to play the track over and over, occasionally interspersed with another track, "I'm the Magnificent."

Later I thought it would be a good idea to make a "Special Ed Mix" tape. It consisted of 90 minutes of "Come On, Let's Move It," with a single instance of "I'm the Magnificent" on side B to make it a legitimate "mix."
Then I listened to it non-stop on my drive to college. It was four and a half hours.

I still love the track.

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