How Many Computers Do You Have In Your House?

Try to answer this question before reading on.

A friend asked me this recently, and it's not a trivial question. The prototypical computer is a desktop or laptop. But computers are all over. In this blog post I'll try to count them.

2 Laptops (one for me, and one for my beloved)
1 Tablet Netbook

Cell Phones:
2 Cell phones in use,
1 old that I feel nostalgic about and can't part with (from Atlanta).

Most cell phones have computers in them, even if they're not smartphones.

Game Systems:
Playstation 2
Nintendo DS
Gameboy Advance
Some handheld crappy one

Music Players:
3 ipods

Thermostat (it's programmable)
Stereo (not sure, but maybe it's got a CPU in there...)
Car (this is a tough one-- who knows how many computers are in the car? I consider the car to be in the house when it's in the garage.)

So the answer is, maybe, 19?
I'm interested in other people's counts; add them as comments.

Pictured is an astronaut on a spacewalk. We got to the moon with little if any computer power.
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Rich said…
I don't have a house - just yet. But in the van - I have

1 cell phone
1 ipod touch
1 bluetooth headset
2 laptops
1 van supercomputer
- i also own another computer that is on loan.
raminarya said…
2 laptops
1 desktop
1 smartphone
2 game consoles
plus a bunch of programmable devices
Cindy said…
My family consists of three people - all of them adults. We have -

3 desktops
3 laptops
God knows how many obsolete but working computers and laptops in the attic.
2 iPhones, 1 HTC phone
6 iPods
9 gaming consoles

It's like a disease or something.

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