What Kind of Calligraphy Is That?

I went to the monthly meeting of the Ottawa Calligraphy Society tonight, as I try to do every month.  They encourage you to bring in some calligraphy to show, and provide a suggested word. This month it was "renewal." 

But as I sat waiting for the meeting to start, I did some more calligraphy with the pen in my pocket. I did the orange image at the top. See if you can figure it out what it is (I'll let you know at the end of the post.) 

Anyway, I put it on the gallery table with the "Renewal" piece above.  During the social time of the meeting, a woman approached me with the orange calligraphy and asked what kind it was. I told her that it was a kind I'd made up myself (which is true-- I adapted the techniques from a book on contemporary Chinese Calligraphy to English). She didn't like my answer. "But what kind is it?"

"It doesn't have a name. I made it up."

"But I mean, is it Italic, or Gothic...?"

I could not give her an answer that satisfied her, so she took my work to the president of the society. I saw them chat for about 10 seconds, and then she came back to me and handed me my calligraphy. She said, with confidence and satisfaction: "It's contemporary/cutting-edge."

The calligraphy is the crawl from Star Wars: A New Hope, which was printed on my folder.


Anonymous said…
I love that the broad category satisfied her. What a dumbass.

I like Renewal the best.

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