Convergence of mobile technology

E-books will eventually take over, and print media will vanish. This I'm very sure of. What's not so sure is that there will continue to be specialized e-books. 

The dominant e-books right now are the Sony and the Amazon Kindle. But, it turns out, competing with both is the iphone. 

It also turns out that the top portable computer game consoles are the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. Oh, and the iphone. 

People don't want to carry around a million gadgets. I think in the future we will all have under 4 computers. What I'm most interested in is exactly how many there will be and what there sizes will be. Because size is how we will differentiate them. 

It could be desktop, laptop, netbook,  phone, watch, implant.

It could be house/intelligent environment, wall, netbook, phone, watch.

I can't wait to see.


Dustin said…
Hmmm. I think that the edges of a "computer" will get fuzzy, especially if the processing is happening elsewhere and the physical artifact is only just embodying it. But then, you'll just have 4 physical artifacts.

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