Interesting William Gibson Quote

If one had gone to talk to a publisher in 1977 with a scenario for a science-fiction novel that was in effect the scenario for the year 2007, nobody would buy anything like it. It's too complex, with too many huge sci-fi tropes: global warming; the lethal, sexually transmitted immune-system disease; the United States, attacked by crazy terrorists, invading the wrong country. Any one of these would have been more than adequate for a science-fiction novel. But if you suggested doing them all and presenting that as an imaginary future, they'd not only show you the door, they'd probably call security.

William Gibson one of the first popular cyberpunk novelists, most famous for his novel Neuromancer. From an interview by Leonard (2007).


Leonard, A. (2007). William Gibson. Rolling Stone. Issue 1039, November 15.


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