New Year's Resolution 2009: No eating... cold turkey

Every year my man Lou Fasulo and I do some crazy new year's resolution. Last year we drank no soda (pop for my Canadian readers).'s+resolution

In general it was a successful year for me. I only had one screw up. It was in London, when I was visiting my girlfriend. I was thirsty and bought some damn thing that looked like juice or flavoured water. I swallowed a sip before I realized it was carbonated. The funny thing is this is exactly how I screwed up the one time I did 20 years ago, the last time I gave up soda for the year. 

Anyway, now I'm drinking Cherry Coke and Pepsi again and I have to say it tastes glorious. If you take soda for granted, try giving it up for a few months. You'll find it tastes better than much of the food you eat with it.

This year we're giving up eating cold turkey. We can eat hot turkey. If we have cold turkey, we can heat it up and eat it, but not after it cools. So if I get a turkey sub at Quizno's, I have to toast it and eat it while it's hot. 

Granted, this one won't be particularly challenging. But it's our 21st year doing it; we're through testing our willpower. Now we're looking for ones we find interesting. This one's interesting to me because when I describe it to people in person it sounds at first like I'm giving up eating.


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