Painting Sold: Ghost Propaganda

I made a series of paintings a number of years ago based on the video game Pac-Man. I've been selling them over the years (there are still some for sale if you're interested.) The webpage is:

Recently I sold one called Ghost Propaganda (pictured). There's a great story behind this sale.

The man who bought it has a wife who was battling two kinds of cancer. He found the image of this painting on the web, printed it out, and stuck it on the wall of her hospital room. It served as a reminder to her to imagine Pac-Man eating away her cancer cells. Now she's in remission and he wanted to get her the painting for her birthday.

I'm not saying that my paintings cure cancer or anything, but it's very nice when your art means something to somebody. 


Anonymous said…
Amazing!!! I'm so proud of you, Jimmy!
Anonymous said…
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Vanessa said…
Congratulations, babe!

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