Help Me Choose A Title For My Children's Book

If you got an email to this effect already, you can ignore this post.

I wrote a children's book recently and I want your help in choosing
the title. I have listed a bunch of possibilities below. All would be
appropriate for the book's content.

I'm not sure what age the book is for-- think cat in the hat age or
maybe a little older.

Please let me know which titles from this list you love and hate in an email to Please don't put it in the comments here, because I don't want your opinion affecting the opinions of others. 

You can
give an explanation if you wish. If you're wondering why I want the
title picked before you've read the story, it's because I see the
title as a marketing tool. When you look at these titles, think of
which one you'd most want to pick up, read, buy for a child.


 The Deer King's Magic Berries
 The Misty Mountain's Magic Berries
 Bear Cub Saves the Day
 Roly Poly Sprout
 Bears and Berries
 The Misty Mountain's Magic Medicine
 Roly Poly
 Roly Poly Saves the Day
 Roly Poly Rolls Her Own Way
 Roly Poly Saves Rolls Her Own Way, Roly Poly Saves the Day
 Roly Poly and the Deer King
 Brave Little Roly Poly Sprout
 Roly Poly Sprouts
 Brave Little Sprout
 A Sprout Rolls Her Own Way


Adrienne said…
The Misty Mountain's Magic Medicine

but without the "The"

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