Nemo and Deepo

Deepo, the mascot of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

Nemo, from the film Finding Nemo.

Do these fish look similar to you? Do you think maybe the Georgia Aquarium is ripping off Pixar? Sure looks like it, since the name and color are so similar, but there are actually good reasons for their choices.

The fish is called "Deepo" because the aquarium is largely sponsored by The Home Depot. The fish is orange, naturally, because that is Home Depot's main color.

Still, it must be annoying for everyone. When I was at the aquarium a few years ago the host asked the kids who the fish was and they all guessed "Nemo." He had to correct them.


Rick said…
The aquarium would be in a quandary if Bed Bath and Beyond sponsored them... I guess the mascot could be called Beyondo. Or maybe just Bey-o. That's not close to Nemo. Not at all.
Anonymous said…
Or it could be Nemo was named after 'Captain Nemo', famous fictional explorer, which kinda reflects the storyline of the film and is actually a Clown Fish, and also actually in no way related to a mascot of some american aquarium that happens to have a orange fish for a mascot, which they named Deepo, which is just 'Deep' with an 'O' on the end. -snort-
Anonymous said…
Deepo, one of the Georgia Aquarium's mascots, is modeled after a garibaldi fish.
As far as sponsorships, the aquarium was a +$250 million gift to Atlanta by Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot. Like any other not for profit, sponsors play a very important part of the organization.
Hope this helps.

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