Background Sound

I like some peaceful ambient noise when I work. I particularly like bird sounds.

Recently I found this site from Haagen-Dazs that has a wonderful forest soundtrack. I open a tab in my browser and just keep it on this page all day so I can hear the birds.

This site is a fund-raising site for honeybee research. Honeybees are in trouble, which is bad news for anyone who eats.
See this NYT article about it:
Haagen-Dazs is trying to raise money to try to figure out why the bees are dying, and that's what the site is for.

I used to use this site:
which isn't bad either, but the bird sounds don't echo as much, and somehow it feels slightly less like a real forest.


Amy (Frederick) Hachem said…
i just "favorited" the honey bee site ...........sorry for shortness and typos... holding sleeping/sick baby

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