New Year's Resolution: No soda/pop

This year my man Lou and I celebrate our 20th anniversary of our ridiculous New Year's Resolutions. We started in 1988 with no soda ("pop" for you Canadians) and we decided to resolve to not have soda this year either, as a tribute. It's the best resolution since "No Sliced Bread!"

In 1988 we defined "soda" as any carbonated drink. This time we define it as any sweetened, non-alcoholic carbonated drink (I think Lou wanted to be able to drink sparkling water.) So it looks like I'm in for a lot of iced tea and kool aid this year.

I will very much miss Coke or Pepsi with pizza.

For a list of my past resolutions see The Jim Davies FAQ.

Pictured is me on New Year's Day, dumping out the last of the Cherry Coke in the house.


Anonymous said…
Very proud to say that, to my knowledge, Lou has been doing pretty well these long 28 days since the resolution took effect! Much better time sticking to it than in some other years, I might add. This is especially impressive to me because last year we were the soda machine's reason for being in our apartment building. This year, coins actually stay around the house!
And as the person who does the grocery shopping, I have to say it is MUCH easier to schlep groceries two blocks home without so many heavy liquids.
Truly the best resolution since 'no sliced bread' and so far, he's on his way, he's making it! Although I think he is lamenting the fact that it's a leap year :-)

Miss you, love you, hope you're doing well,

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