Doing Improv Again: Insensitivity Training

I love theatrical and comedy improvisation. I started doing it in college and I've been doing it, off and on, since then. When I moved to Ottawa there were no performing improv groups, but now I've found "Insensitivity Training," and I'm performing again!

I'm a happier person when I'm performing.

It's at the Bytown Tavern (292 Elgin St., downstairs) Sunday nights at 9pm. Our first show this year is on January 13. If you're in Ottawa, check it out. Show's free.

Improv is so much fun. If you're interested, look to see if there are classes taught in your area. If you already do improv and have not read Keith Johnstone's "Impro For Storytellers," do so immediately!


Dustin said…
Yay improv!
Anonymous said…
Break a leg! Wish I could be there to see you perform!

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