Poetry: This City Is Made For Us

My poem was just published in the online literary journal "Bywords," in their December, 2007 issue.
You can check it out at http://www.bywords.ca/

I just found out the poem will be featured in the Bywords Quarterly Journal as well. I am officially a published poet!

Added Monday, December 17:

Bywords is hosting an event in Ottawa called "Bywords Warms the Night" at which I will read this poem.
Location: Chapters bookstore, 47 Rideau St., Ottawa, Ontario
Time: 2pm, January 20, 2008

Pictured are some tulips I photographed in Ottwa in the summer of 2007. The poem in question is about how much I love this city.


Anonymous said…
Baby! Congratulations!!! So proud of you! Fantastic for a budding poet! Love you so much, V.

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