Twister (film)

On September 2, 2007, I worked very hard all day, and when I got home
I decided it would be a good idea to watch the movie "Twister" and
count the number of times any character said "Come on!"

It's a strangely pro- and anti-science film. The heroes have this new
technology they're all proud of, called "Dorothy" but then..

Bill: Jonas! Son of a bitch!

Melissa: Who is that, honey?

Bill: Jonas Miller. He's a nightcrawler. {He pulls alongside Jonas' window, they both nod their heads, acknowledging each other}We all started out in the same lab, but Jonas went out and got himself some corporate sponsors. He's in it for the money, not the science. He's got a lot of high-tech gadgets, but he's got no instincts. And he doesn't have Dorothy.

And in a movie in which the hero disses corporate sponsors, all cans
of soda are Pepsi.

Later we see the hero, Bill, picking up dirt and letting it fall from
his hand and looking at the sky. Meanwhile Jonas, that dirty rat, sits
in a diner looking at computer screens. It's so ridiculous. Also,
Jonas's vehicles are all black, you know, because he's the bad

I don't mean to complain too much, there are some many moments in the
film that are absolutely thrilling.

All told I counted 46 "Come on!"s. If anyone else wants to count, go
ahead and post it as a comment. I can't be the only one with "Twister"
on VHS, can I?

Mayne next time I'll count the "let's go!"s. I suspect the number will
be comparable.


SGJ said…
I always found the aunt's seemingly at-all-times-ready freezerload of "steaks at the ready for her niece's stormchaser friends" to be weird, to say the least. And, in Tornado Alley, why would anyone even bother to hang up so many windchimes?????
Anonymous said…
i love the movie twister. i have it on vhs and on dvd. its an awesome movie. for me, i would love to be around tornado alley and its all because after i saw this movie. its a great movie and for people who havent seen i suggest watching it sometime.
M.H.O said…
Because of this article, I'm now going to find the torrent.

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